General provisions lease Podere Pantano

  1. A deposit of 30% of the total rental fee is required immediately upon booking. This 30% deposit confirms booking for the dates agreed to as well as accepting the general provisions
  2. Landlord will confirm booking upon receipt of the deposit.
  3. The balance of the rental fee must be received 2 months before rental date. If the total balance is not submitted within this time, the booking will be considered cancelled.
  4. Payments are non-refundable, except in cases as defined under 26.
  5. A security deposit must accompany the balance owing, the amount of this will be determined upon booking. If no damages are incurred, the security deposit will be returned to the tenant no more than 30 days after the rental period is up.
  6. Damage which is caused by the tenant will be deducted from the security deposit and if damage caused by the tenant exceeds the deposit, this amount will be settled by note.
  7. Landlord is obliged to ensure the premises be clean and in good condition for tenant. After confirmation of the booking, the landlord will not apply any changes (e.g. with respect to furniture) which may lower the quality and conditions of the premises.
  8. The tenant is not allowed to move the furniture or to exchange the pieces of furniture between the appartments.
  9. Landlord can visit premises at any reasonable time.
  10. The rental unit will be ready for occupation from 16.00 to 19.00. If the tenant cannot arrive within this time frame,  he/she is obliged to inform the landlord or the administrator before the arrival date.  The key transfer will take place after 19.00 only upon authorization from the landlord.
  11. Tenant is considered to accept the rental unit inventory as stated upon arrival unless tentant informs administrator of any shortages upon arrival.
  12. On final day of rental, tenant must vacate by 11.00 and leave a signed letter as to condition of unit.
  13. The trash must be collected and deposited in container at the junction of the laneway and highway upon leaving. Failure to do so will result in an extra charge of € 10 from the security deposit.
  14. The handing-over of the house key is considered the beginning of the rental period.
  15. The tenant does not have permisison to let or sub-let the rental unit.  Also, the tenant needs authorization from the landlord to have more persons staying the night than already agreed to upon booking.
  16. Tenant must inhabit rental unit in good conscience and faith.  All damage must be compensated for immediately to the landlord, unless tenant shows that damage was not in connection with his/her occupancy.
  17. Tenant will use rental unit  exclusively for vacation purposes  and not for trade or business.
  18. House pets are not allowed, unless explicitly agreed to by the landlord. If pets are approved, they must be on a lead at all times and prohibited from the area in or around the swimming pool.
  19. It is prohibited in the rental unit to use any other means of heating, washing or cooking other than what is provided in the unit.
  20. It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure no strange objects are thrown into sinks, baths or showers, toilets or bidets that will cause problems with disposal.  If this is the case, the tenant will be held responsible for any damage this may cause.
  21. Landlord cannot be held responsible for interruptions in the swimming pool mechanism, water, electricity supply and/or nuisance by extreme circumstances.
  22. No open fires are allowed on the grounds.
  23. Tenants will not cause trouble or create excessive noise, particularly to the tenants of the other apartments.
  24. The car must be parked in the designated parking area at the apartment. Cars must be kept on the roadway only, not on any other areas.
  25. If the tenant does not comply with any or all of the conditions of this contract, the owner reserves the right to evict such tenant without legal counsel and without refunding any monies.
  26. In the event that the Villa becomes inhabitable due to extra ordinary circumstances such as hurricane, earthquake or an act of terrorism, the tenant shall receive 100% of their payment refunded.
  27. Tenants stay in the apartments, the area and swimming pool at their own risk. Landlord cannot be held responsible or liable.
  28. It is the responsibility of the tenant to arrange any and all insurance during the rental period.
  29. This agreement is done in accordance with Dutch law.