Podere-Pantano is now a newly renovated farmhouse located on approximately 4 acres of rolling hills within walking distance of the village of Proceno. The origin of the farmhouse is not known. In this area of Italy there are many farmhouses built and renovated over many generations.

When this property was purchased in 2000, it was evident that it had been built in three or four stages. Like so many farmhouses in Italy, the ground floor was designed to house animals in stalls while the 1st floor was considered the living quarters. The pictures show the condition of the house when purchased. The roof was half gone and badly deteriorated and there were no actual floors. The windows and doors were in a severe state of disrepair.

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Following two years of intensive restoration under the watchful eye of a renowned architect from Rome, this dilapidated farmhouse was transformed into a beautiful home with every detail regarding comfort and convenience being taken into consideration along the way. In place of one of the sheds, there now stands a small guest house called  ‘I Fichi’ which was built in the same style as the main house.

The building materials used are indicative to the region such as ‘mezzane’ which is a thin stone block baked out of the clay from Castel Viscardo. This mezzane is used for the floors, terraces and the roof. The wooden beams and all other woodwork for the doors, windows and shutters are made of ‘castagno’. The inside walls are plastered in white with the wrought iron work created by the local blacksmith. The roofing tiles are the authentic ‘coppi’.

The farm was abandoned and left empty for many years and was totally overgrown with a number of beautiful old trees scattered about the property.  A few of these were preserved with skillful pruning and due to the well planned and meticulous landscaping, the property has just the right amount of trees for shade and sun while still maintaining the original atmosphere. The surrounding landscape provides the guests of Podere-Pantano with a totally relaxing and calming effect as they sit to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and imagine what life must have been like on this ‘farm’ many years ago.