The Pantano Property

Pantano is situated in central Italy on the borders of Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria provinces. It is surrounded by rolling hills and farmland with a natural border of forests. Just 2½ kilometers away is the village of  Proceno which is globally located between Siena and Rome (map). Among the rolling hills you will find a newly renovated farmhouse completely restored in the original Tuscany style.

The farm house is divided into two dwellings, ‘La Capriata’ for 4-5 persons and ‘il Tulipano’ for 2 persons. Because the house is built into a hill, there are different levels with terraces on each level and direct walkout access to each terrace.

About 70 meters from the main house there is a newly constructed guesthouse called ‘i Fichi’ which is perfect for 2-3 persons. The garden is complete with a large wooden table and barbecue.


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la Capriata
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This is the larger apartment in the main house with approximately 120 square meters. The main living quarters lie on the ground floor thus making it wheelchair accessible if necessary. The large living room has a confortable sitting area with a beautiful fireplace.
il Tulipano
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'Il Tulipano' is a small apartment, which occupies approximately 35 sq. meters of the large farmhouse. It has a private entrance that is accessible via a wide outdoor stairway.
i Fichi
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‘I Fichi’ is a freestanding guesthouse, built in the same style as the large house and consists of 52 square meters of living space. There is a living room with a cozy, comfortable sitting area, fireplace, dining area and a fully equipped kitchen.